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LTL Flatbed

LTL Flatbed

When you are shipping construction equipment, heavy machinery, raw materials, or other odd-shaped items, it can be difficult to economically move loads that take up a fraction of a traditional flatbed trailer. With our Flatbed LTL and Partial service, you only pay for the space that you use. We take care of the rest.

  • Pumps and other heavy equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Large machinery (Big Iron)
  • Vehicles and trucks
  • Landscaping materials trucks
  • Generators and compressors
  • Transformers and electrical panels
  • Raw materials
  • Tanks

LTL Volume

For your dry van palletized loads that are bigger than a regular LTL shipment but smaller than a full truckload, Volume LTL is a great choice. Also known as Partial Truckload or Shared Truckload, this option can be the most economical for you while also improving service levels and minimizing damage. The team at is skilled at handling these moves.

LTL carriers have traditionally been the go-to for larger loads containing 6 or more pallets. But in the post-COVID environment of very tight capacity, LTL carriers are frequently refusing to even pickup such loads. If they do accept these larger loads, you can expect delayed transit times. And you may get a shocking surprise on the freight bill from a rule like Density Minimum Charge, Cubic Capacity Charge, Linear Foot Charge, or Capacity Load Charge. If you have every been hit with these rules, you know how costly the charges can be. A $500 freight bill can quickly escalate to charges of $3,500!

LTL carrier networks are simply not designed to efficiently handle shipments of 6 or more pallets. Such shipments tie up their trailer capacity, eat up their dock space, take longer to load and unload, and don’t provide compensation in line with multiple smaller shipments. That is why most LTL carriers have rules like the Density Minimum Charge noted above. These charges are designed not only to ensure that the carrier adequately compensated, but also to discourage this type of freight.

To prevent these painful surprises, it pays to contact us in advance so we can verify the exact costs of shipping your Partial Truckload. Let us help you!

LTL VolumeFlatbed LTL
FTL Truckload

Full Flatbed and Full Truckload

If your cargo takes up an entire flatbed or van, don't let our name fool you! Our parent company, Comet National Shipping, can service ALL of your transport needs. We can handle full flatbed, full van, full and partial reefer, and even traditional LTL. Trust the experts at Comet National Shipping to find you the right truck at the right price, regardless of what you might be shipping. We ship anything to anywhere!

Large LTL Flatbed Load
Actual FlatbedLTL load.